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Refrigerated Wells

VF Dynamic Refrigerated Wells are a 1/1 deep GN unit, that can be manufactured as an integrated refrigerated unit, or be left ready to connect to a remote set-up. This model is available in size from a 3 well unit up to a 7 well. Units can be manufactured using curved or square glass gantries, with a tiered kitchen gantry that is used for non-front of house units and also can come without a gantry if one is not needed. Customers also have the option of having refrigerated storage under.

Cold Deli Merchandiser

The VF Cold Deli Merchandiser is an environmentally friendly, flexible deli display unit that can be designed in a variety of glass profiles. The idea supporting this design is that this unit can be paired with many of the existing hot units that are used throughout the world in deli and sandwich shops, enabling shop owners to keep their existing hot unit and add a cold option to their mix.

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